Talker | Reloaded (Part 2)

A year ago, I wrote the article about Talker. How it all started and what I plan to do with it next. Well, I’ve realized I wouldn’t reload Talker in a way described in that article. Instead, I will teach how to create Talker from scratch.

Meet my new course

I am currently working on a new course focused on full-stack web development. A few months ago I finished the script which has over 127.000 words and now I’m in the middle of the production of the course.

This course is aimed for total beginners who have no previous experience with web development. My goal is to teach them everything they need to know so they can start working on their own web applications once they finish this course.

In the course, I’ll explain both the front-end and back-end technologies. I will cover HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but also PHP and MySQL. I will discuss different development environments like Docker, Vagrant or XAMPP.

Once students acquire the basic knowledge of these technologies, we will move together to the fun part. We will start building Talker from scratch. Step by step, we will create a database-driven web application with the logic coded in PHP. We will use Bootstrap to make the whole application mobile-ready and responsive.

Take a sneak peek

Ok, here are some images of what you can expect. I hope you’ll join me as a student once the course is ready!


Jan Zavrel

Infopreneur, Evernote Certified Consultant, iOS & Web Developer, Author, Teacher, Lifelong Learner

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